Stephen J. Schueler, M.D.

Zoonosis Types

Types of arboviruses and the insect that transmits the infection include:

ConditionTransmitted By
California Group VirusMosquito
Chikungunya DiseaseMosquito
Colorado Tick FeverTick
Congo Hemorrhagic FeverTick
Dengue FeverMosquito
Eastern Equine EncephalitisMosquito
Japanese EncephalitisMosquito
Phlebotomus FeverSandfly
Rift Valley FeverMosquito
St Louis EncephalitisMosquito
Venezuelan Equine EncephalitisMosquito
West Nile VirusMosquito
Western Equine EncephalitisMosquito
Yellow FeverMosquito

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