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Wrist Bursitis Overview

What is wrist bursitis?
A person with wrist bursitis has inflammation of a bursa, which is a small sac of slippery fluid. A bursa is found near a joint, where it acts as a lubricating pad between tendon and bone. The most common causes of wrist bursitis are overuse or injury.

What are the symptoms of wrist bursitis?
Symptoms of wrist bursitis include wrist pain, wrist swelling, and tenderness over the tendons in the wrist. The wrist pain worsens with movement of the wrist. Additional symptoms of wrist bursitis may include a tender lump or swelling, located on the top of the wrist joint.

How does the doctor treat wrist bursitis?
Treatment for wrist bursitis includes rest, cold compresses, elevation, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Additional treatment for wrist bursitis may include physical therapy and ultrasound treatments. Treatment for serious wrist bursitis may include oral corticosteroids or corticosteroid medication injections into the bursa.

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