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Women's Health Guideline Age 40 - 49

Recommended Evaluations For Healthy Women 40 to 49 Years
There are many evaluations that should be performed during this period of adulthood to assure optimal health. These items are very important, especially since many healthy adults do not take the time or consider their health during this period of life

Tests to be performed monthly:

Tests to be performed yearly:

Tests to be performed every 6-12 months:

Tests to be performed every 1-2 years:

Tests to be performed every 2-3 years:

Tests to be performed every 3 years:

Tests to be performed every 3-5 years:

Tests to be performed every 4-5 years:

Tests to be performed every 5-10 years:

The above testing recommendations should be considered as minimum screening in those without symptoms. There may be differences in opinion on various test recommendations due to lack of definitive information on each recommended test and to variances in perceived significance of some of the supporting literature.

This information is provided as a general guide only. We urge you to discuss these tests with your personal physician.

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