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Vaginal Itching Overview

What is vaginal itching?
A female with vaginal itching has irritation of the vulva or the inside of the vagina, which results in the urge to scratch the area. Common causes of vaginal itching include yeast vaginitis, menopause, allergies, atrophic vaginitis, and bacterial vaginitis. Almost all women experience vaginal itching at some time during their lives.

What are the symptoms of vaginal itching?
Symptoms that occur with vaginal itching include vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, vaginal swelling, vaginal redness, vaginal pain, or a vaginal foreign body.

How does the doctor treat vaginal itching?
The treatment for vaginal itching depends on the cause. Treatment may include warm baths, treatment for vaginitis, or an estrogen cream for vaginal dryness during menopause.

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