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Vaginal Cyst Overview

Another name for Vaginal Cyst is Bartholin's Cyst.

What is a Bartholin's cyst?
A woman with a Bartholin's cyst has a swollen Bartholin's gland in the vagina. The Bartholin's glands are tiny glands near the vagina that secrete fluids to keep it moist. In some cases, the passageway between the gland and the inside of the vagina may become blocked. This can cause fluid to build up inside the gland, forming a cyst. If the gland becomes infected, a boil or Bartholin's abscess may form.

What are the symptoms of a Bartholin's cyst?
The most common symptom of a Bartholin's cyst is a lump on one side of the vagina. If the swelling becomes painful and tender, it indicates the formation of a Bartholin's abscess.

How does the doctor treat a Bartholin's cyst?
Treatment of a Bartholin's cyst involves warm baths, pain medications, and incision and drainage to remove the cyst. Some may benefit from the addition of antibiotics.

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