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Vaginal Bleeding Post Partum Overview

Another name for Vaginal Bleeding Post Partum is Vaginal Bleeding after Delivery.

What is vaginal bleeding after delivery?
All women experience vaginal bleeding after delivery of a newborn. Bleeding occurs from the inside of the uterus, where the placenta attached to the uterus. As the uterus contracts after delivery, the bleeding stops. Normally, the vaginal bleeding resolves slowly over 1 week. A woman with abnormal vaginal bleeding after delivery is bleeding more than normal after the birth of a newborn. Excessive vaginal bleeding after delivery is common.

What are the symptoms of vaginal bleeding after delivery?
Symptoms of excessive vaginal bleeding after delivery may include worsening vaginal bleeding 4 days after delivery, or bleeding that soaks more than 5 pads in 5 hours. Additional symptoms include lower abdominal pain, faintness or fainting.

How does the doctor treat vaginal bleeding after delivery?
Treatment for vaginal bleeding after delivery may include bed rest and medications to control bleeding. Treatment for severe vaginal bleeding after delivery includes blood transfusions and surgery.

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