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Vaginal Bleeding (irregular) Overview

Another name for Vaginal Bleeding (irregular) is Irregular Vaginal Bleeding.

What is irregular vaginal bleeding?
Most women with irregular vaginal bleeding are experiencing irregular menstrual periods. This may be protracted vaginal spotting or periods that occur too frequently or too infrequently. Normal menstrual bleeding occurs every 28 day cycle and should last 3 to 5 days. Most women lose less than one cup of blood during a normal menstrual period. Menstrual periods are regulated by a monthly change in hormone levels. A small change in hormones can cause periods to become abnormal.

A woman with irregular vaginal bleeding may have:

What are the symptoms of irregular vaginal bleeding?
Symptoms that may occur with irregular vaginal bleeding include lower abdominal pain, vaginal discharge, vaginal pain, and faintness. Persistent or heavy vaginal bleeding may cause symptoms of anemia.

How does the doctor treat irregular vaginal bleeding?
The treatment for irregular vaginal bleeding depends on the cause and the age of the patient. Vaginal bleeding that occurs after menopause is treated differently.

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