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Turner's Syndrome Overview

What is Turner's syndrome?
A female with Turner's syndrome is missing part of an X chromosome. Normally, women have two X chromosomes, while men have an X and a Y. Losing a portion of one X chromosome can cause the physical findings of Turner's syndrome. Usually, Turner's syndrome is detected during childhood, but in some women, the signs of Turner's syndrome may be very subtle. In this case, Turners syndrome may not be detected until adulthood. About 1 out of 2000 females are born with Turner's syndrome.

What are the physical findings and symptoms of Turner's syndrome?
Physical findings of Turner's syndrome include a webbed neck, small lower jaw, low-set ears, broad chest, flat feet, foot swelling, hand swelling (bilateral), and scoliosis. Additional symptoms of Turner's syndrome include slow growth, short stature, delayed puberty, and infertility.

How does the doctor treat Turner's syndrome?
There is no cure for Turner's syndrome. Treatment for Turner's syndrome may include growth hormone therapy, estrogen therapy, and infertility treatment.

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