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Tongue Pain Overview

Another name for Tongue Pain is Mouth or Tongue Pain.

What is mouth or tongue pain?
A person with mouth or tongue pain has discomfort in one of the structures inside the mouth. The pain may involve the teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue or throat.

What are the symptoms of mouth or tongue pain?
Symptoms that occur with mouth or tongue pain may include sore throat, dental pain, swollen tonsils, pus on tonsils, mouth lesions, tongue lesions, mouth ulcers, a white coating on inside of mouth, and swollen glands in the neck. Additional symptoms that may occur with mouth or tongue pain include facial pain, facial swelling, facial tenderness, tongue swelling, mouth swelling, gum swelling, gum redness, inability to open the mouth all the way, difficulty swallowing, and difficulty breathing.

How does the doctor treat mouth or tongue pain?
The treatment of mouth or tongue pain depends on the underlying cause. Treatment for mouth or tongue pain may include antacid gargles, antiseptic mouthwash, saltwater gargles, good oral hygiene, vitamin supplements, antibiotics, antiviral medications, regular dental cleanings, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain.

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