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Toenail Injury Overview

What is a toenail injury?
A person with a toenail injury has damage to the toenail, caused by an injury. The most severe toenail injuries also damage the underlying nail bed or the area of the nail bed where nail growth takes place. The most common toenail injury is a subungual hematoma. If the toenail is removed or falls off, it takes about 4 months to grow back.

What are the symptoms of a toenail injury?
Symptoms of a toenail injury include toe pain, swelling, or bruising. Additional symptoms include bleeding under the toenail. In some cases, the toenail may be torn, or the toenail may come off the toe.

How does the doctor treat a toenail injury?
Treatment for a toenail injury includes rest, cold compresses, and elevation. Additional treatment for a toenail injury may include a splint, protective shoe, crutches, and acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Lacerations may require wound cleansing and repair.

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