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Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Overview

What is a thrombosed hemorrhoid?
A person with a thrombosed hemorrhoid has a hemorrhoid that contains a blood clot. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the lower rectum or anus. They are caused by increased pressure in the veins that lie under the skin around the anus. When a clot forms inside, the hemorrhoid becomes extremely painful. About 40 percent of adults suffer from hemorrhoids.

What are the symptoms of a thrombosed hemorrhoid?
Symptoms of a thrombosed hemorrhoid include an extremely painful, tender, firm lump protruding from the anus.

How does the doctor treat a thrombosed hemorrhoid?
Treatment for a thrombosed hemorrhoid includes minor surgery to remove the blood clot from the hemorrhoid. Additional treatment may include narcotic pain medication, a high fiber diet, and stool softeners.

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