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Throat Abscess Overview

Another name for Throat Abscess is Retropharyngeal Abscess.

What is a retropharyngeal abscess?
A person with a retropharyngeal abscess has a collection of pus beneath the tissue in the back of the throat, caused by a bacterial infection. The most common cause of retropharyngeal abscess is streptococcal bacteria, which also cause strep throat.

What are the symptoms of a retropharyngeal abscess?
Symptoms of a retropharyngeal abscess include a severe sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, headache, fatigue and swollen glands in the neck. Symptoms of a worsening retropharyngeal abscess may include neck pain, inability to swallow, drooling, difficulty breathing, and excessive sleepiness.

How does the doctor treat a retropharyngeal abscess?
Treatment for a retropharyngeal abscess may include oxygen therapy, intravenous fluids, antibiotics, narcotic pain medications, and surgery.

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