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Threatened Miscarriage Evaluation

The evaluation of a threatened miscarriage begins with a history and physical exam.

Physical findings in a woman with a threatened miscarriage may include:

Tests are not necessary to make the diagnosis of threatened miscarriage.

Tests that may be used to evaluate a threatened miscarriage may include:

Threatened Miscarriage Rh Factor

The determination of maternal Rh status is important in a woman with threatened miscarriage.

The Rh is a part of a person's blood type. Blood from the mother can get into the infant's bloodstream during an a miscarriage. If the mother has a Rh-negative blood type, she can form antibodies that destroy the blood cells of the fetus who has a Rh-positive blood type. The destruction of the infant's red blood cells can result in severe anemia, called erythroblastosis fetalis.

RhoGAM is a medication used to help prevent this problem. RhoGAM is an antibody that can prevent Rh-negative mothers from developing antibodies against fetal blood cells that are Rh positive. Rh-negative pregnant women with vaginal bleeding need an injection of RhoGAM to block the process.

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