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Swelling of the Umbilical Cord Overview

Another name for Swelling of the Umbilical Cord is Umbilical Cord Infection.

What is an umbilical cord infection?
An infant with an umbilical cord infection has redness and swelling of the umbilical cord stump, caused by a bacterial infection. Umbilical cord infections occur in about one out every 200 infants. The infection can be avoided by caring for the umbilical cord appropriately.

What are the symptoms of an umbilical cord infection?
Normally, the umbilical cord stump gradually dries, turns black, and falls off within 2 weeks. Occasionally, mild bleeding from the stump may occur. Symptoms of an umbilical cord infection include umbilical cord redness, swelling and tenderness. Pus may drain from the umbilical cord and the infant may develop a fever.

How does the doctor treat an umbilical cord infection?
Treatment for an umbilical cord infection includes oral antibiotics and thorough cleaning of the cord 3 times a day.

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