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Swelling of the Scrotum Overview

Another name for Swelling of the Scrotum is Scrotum Swelling.

What is scrotum swelling?
A male with scrotum swelling has an enlarged scrotum. Common causes of scrotum swelling include hydrocele, varicocele, epididymitis, and testicular injury.

What are the symptoms of scrotum swelling?
Symptoms that may accompany scrotum swelling include scrotum pain, scrotum redness, testicular pain, abdominal pain, pain during urination, penile ulcer, genital sores, or a knot or bulge in the scrotum.

How does the doctor treat scrotum swelling?
The treatment for scrotum swelling depends on the underlying cause. General treatment for scrotum swelling may include rest, cool compresses, warm compresses, elevation of the scrotum, antibiotics, surgery, narcotic pain medications, or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain.

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