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Subcutaneous Nodules Treatment

The treatment for a subcutaneous nodule depends on the cause of the nodule. Some nodules resolve without treatment. Subcutaneous nodules may be caused by infections or inflammation from an underlying disorder. Treatment for a subcutaneous nodule may include antibiotics, corticosteroid medications, or surgery.

Treatment options for a subcutaneous nodule include:

  • Antibiotics for a subcutaneous nodule:
    • May be used for a nodule caused by a bacterial infection
  • Corticosteroid medication for a subcutaneous nodule:
    • Effective against nodules due to inflammatory disorders
    • Injections of medication can reduce the size of the nodule
  • Surgery for a subcutaneous nodule:
    • To remove the nodule
    • In many cases, the nodule is biopsied to determine why the swelling occurred.

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