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Stab Wounds Overview

What are stab wounds?
A person with a stab wound has a deep puncture wound that damages the tissue beneath the skin. The term, stab, usually refers to a puncture with a knife or sharp weapon.

What are the symptoms of stab wounds?
Symptoms of a stab wound include a puncture wound, as well as pain, swelling, tenderness or numbness of the skin around the wound. A stab wound to an arm or leg may result in poor circulation to the fingers or toes. Symptoms of a severe stab wound may include pale skin, fatigue, faintness, difficulty breathing, excessive sweating, confusion, or fainting.

How does the doctor treat stab wounds?
Treatment for a stab wound may include wound care, laceration repair, antibiotics, tetanus vaccination, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Additional treatment for a severe stab wound may require intravenous fluids, a blood transfusion, or surgery to repair damaged tissue.

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