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Skin Moles Overview

What are skin moles?
A person with a skin mole has a dark spot in the skin caused by increased pigment in the skin cells. The cause for skin moles is unknown. A special kind of skin cell produces melanin, which is a pigment that provides the brown color. It also the pigment that is responsible for freckles. Everyone has skin moles, although skin moles are most common in light-skinned people.

What are the symptoms of skin moles?
Skin moles rarely cause symptoms. A normal skin mole is tan, brown, or black, round, and less than 1/4 inch (6 mm) in diameter. One side of the mole has the same shape as the other.

How does the doctor treat skin moles?
A skin mole does not require treatment, unless there is a change in shape, color or size. These changes may warrant a malignant melanoma evaluation. Cosmetic treatment for a large skin mole may include surgery to shave, or remove the mole from the skin surface.

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