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Skin Infection Sporotrichosis Overview

Another name for Skin Infection Sporotrichosis is Sporothrix Infection.

What is a Sporothrix infection?
A person with a Sporothrix infection has an infection of the deep layers of the skin, caused by a fungus, called Sporothrix. Sporothrix is present naturally in soil. Gardeners and florists can develop this infection if injured skin comes in contact with the fungus. The fungus enters the skin and starts to grow under the skin surface. Sporothrix infections are uncommon in the US.

What are the symptoms of a Sporothrix infection?
The initial symptom of a Sporothrix infection includes a small skin lump or skin ulcer that heals. Additional symptoms that may occur after the initial skin lump include new skin lumps and lymph node swelling, located near the original skin lump or skin ulcer.

How does the doctor treat a Sporothrix infection?
Treatment for a Sporothrix infection includes oral antifungal medications.

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