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Labial Itching
Labial Pain
Labial Sores
Labor Premature
Labored Breathing
Laceration in the Mouth
Laceration of the Chest
Laceration of the Leg
Laceration of the Scalp
Laceration on Coral
Laceration to the Abdomen
Laceration to the Arm
Laceration to the Back
Laceration to the Buttock
Laceration to the Chest
Laceration to the Ear
Laceration to the Face
Laceration to the Finger
Laceration to the Foot
Laceration to the Genitals (male)
Laceration to the Hand
Laceration to the Leg
Laceration to the Lip
Laceration to the Neck
Laceration to the Penis
Laceration to the Scrotum
Laceration to the Toe
Laceration to the Vagina
Laceration to the Vulva
Lack of Coordination
Lactose Allergy
Lactose Intolerance
Landouzy-Dejerine Dystrophy
Lanoxin Toxicity
Large Adenoids
Large Cell Cancer of the Lung
Large Cell Carcinoma of the Lung
Large Intestine Polyps
Large Tonsils
Laryngeal Cancer
Laryngeal Polyps
Larynx Cancer
Lassa Fever
Latent Schizophrenia
Lateral Collateral Knee Injury
Lateral Epicondylitis
Lateral Femoral Cutaneous Nerve Syndrome
Lateral Meniscus Cartilage Injury
Lateral Meniscus Injury
Lateral Meniscus Knee Injury
Laxative Abuse
Lazy Eye
LCL Knee Injury
LDL Elevation
Lead Poisoning
Leaking Aortic Valve
Leaking Artery in the Brain
Leaking Brain Aneurysm
Leaking Heart Valve
Leaking Urine
Leaky Aortic Valve
Left Anterior Hemiblock
Left Atrial Myxoma
Left Bundle Branch Block
Left Lower Abdominal Pain
Left Lower Abdominal Tenderness
Left Lower Stomach Pain
Left Posterior Hemiblock
Left Side Pain
Left Upper Abdominal Pain
Left Upper Abdominal Tenderness
Left Upper Stomach Pain
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Leg Abrasion
Leg and Arm Burning Sensation
Leg and Arm Numbness (both sides)
Leg and Arm Numbness (one side)
Leg and Arm Tingling (both sides)
Leg and Arm Weakness (unilateral)
Leg Animal Bite
Leg Blood Clot
Leg Bruise
Leg Burn
Leg Cast Problem
Leg Cat Bite
Leg Cellulitis
Leg Contusion
Leg Cramp
Leg Cramps
Leg Cramps (one leg)
Leg Cramps (unilateral)
Leg Cut
Leg Dog Bite
Leg Fracture
Leg Human Bite
Leg Injury
Leg Laceration
Leg Muscle Strain
Leg Numbness (bilateral)
Leg Numbness (both legs)
Leg Numbness (one leg)
Leg Numbness (unilateral)
Leg Numbness due to Alcohol
Leg Numbness due to Diabetes
Leg Pain
Leg Pain (below the knee, both legs)
Leg Pain (below the knee, one leg)
Leg Pain (bilateral)
Leg Pain (both legs)
Leg Pain (one leg)
Leg Pain (unilateral)
Leg Pain after Injury
Leg Pain due to Diabetes
Leg Pain Shins
Leg Puncture Wound
Leg Rodent Bite
Leg Scrape
Leg Sprain
Leg Strain
Leg Stress Fracture
Leg Swelling
Leg Swelling (bilateral)
Leg Swelling (both legs)
Leg Swelling (one leg)
Leg Swelling (unilateral)
Leg Tenderness
Leg Tingling (both legs)
Leg Tingling (one leg)
Leg Veins Varicose
Leg Weakness (bilateral)
Leg Weakness (both legs)
Leg Weakness (one leg)
Leg Weakness (unilateral)
Legg Perthes Disease
Legionnaire's Disease
Legionnaires Pneumonia
Legs Burning Sensation
Legs Restless
Lesch Nyhan Syndrome
Lesion in the Mouth
Lesion on the Skin
Lesion Oral
Lesion Tongue
Leukemia Acute Lymphocytic
Leukemia Acute Myelogenous
Leukemia Chronic Lymphocytic
Leukemia Chronic Myelogenous
LGL Syndrome
LGV Infection
Lice Groin
Lice Head
Lice Pubic
Lichen Planus
Ligament Injury
Ligament Knee Injury
Ligament Sprain of the Ankle
Ligament Sprains
Ligament Tear
Ligament Tear of the Ankle
Light Sensitivity
Lightning Injury
Limb Weakness
Limited Scleroderma
Lip Cold Sore
Lip Cut
Lip Herpes
Lip Laceration
Lip Swelling
Lips Chapped
Lips Dry
Little League Elbow
Liver Abscess Amebic
Liver Cancer
Liver Cirrhosis
Liver Damage from Alcohol
Liver Disease
Liver Disease due to Alcohol
Liver Enlargement
Liver Failure
Liver Hemangioma
Liver Infection Viral
Liver Inflammation due to Alcohol
Liver Injury
Liver is Damaged due to Alcohol
Liver is Infected by a Virus
Liver is Inflamed due to Alcohol
Liver Problem due to Alcohol
Liver Spots
Liver Swelling due to Alcohol
Lobar Pneumonia
Lobular Capillary Hemangioma
Localized Lymph Gland Swelling
Localized Rash
Localized Skin Rash
Loeffler's Syndrome
Long QT Syndrome
Loose Bowel Movements
Loose Stool
Loss of Appetite
Loss of Balance
Loss of Bladder Control
Loss of Bowel Control
Loss of Consciousness
Loss of Fluids
Loss of Hair
Loss of Hearing
Loss of Hearing in the Elderly
Loss of Memory
Loss of Memory due to Alzheimers
Loss of Pigmentation from the Skin
Loss of Sensation
Loss of Sense of Smell
Loss of Skin Pigmentation
Loss of Smell
Loss of Vision
Loss of Vision due to Diabetes
Loss of Voice
Loss of Water
Lost Appetite
Lost Consciousness
Lost Pregnancy
Lost Vision
Lost Weight
Lou Gehrig Disease
Low Alkaline Phosphatase
Low Back Injury
Low Back Pain
Low Back Pain after Injury
Low Back Pain Chronic
Low Back Sprain
Low Back Stiffness
Low Back Strain
Low Back Tenderness
Low Blood Count
Low Blood Pressure
Low Blood Pressure Orthostatic
Low Blood Pressure Postural
Low Blood Pressure with Standing
Low Blood Sugar
Low Blood Sugar due to Insulin
Low Body Temperature
Low Glucose
Low Glucose due to Insulin
Low Iron
Low Neutrophil Count
Low Parathyroid Hormone
Low Pituitary Hormones
Low Platelet Count
Low Potassium
Low Red Blood Cell Count
Low Sodium
Low Temperature
Low Thyroid Hormone
Lower Abdominal Pain
Lower Abdominal Tenderness
Lower Back Pain
Lower Back Stiffness
Lower Back Tenderness
Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Lower GI Bleeding
Lower Left Abdominal Pain
Lower Right Abdominal Pain
Lower Stomach Pain
Lowering Cholesterol
Lown Ganong Levine Syndrome
Ludwig's Angina
Lumbar Disk Disease
Lumbar Pain
Lumbar Puncture Headache
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
Lumbar Sprain
Lumbar Stiffness
Lumbar Strain
Lumbosacral Pain
Lump in the Breast
Lump on Skin
Lump on the Eyelid
Lump on the Testicle
Lump Under the Skin
Lung Abscess
Lung Allergy
Lung Aspiration
Lung Atelectasis
Lung Blood Clot
Lung Bruise
Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer Large Cell
Lung Cancer Oat Cell
Lung Cancer Small Cell
Lung Collapse
Lung Collapse due to Injury
Lung Contusion
Lung Damage due to Asbestos
Lung Damage from Coal Mining
Lung Damage from Smoking
Lung Disease
Lung Disease due to Asbestos
Lung Disease from Coal Mining
Lung Disease from Nitrogen Dioxide
Lung Disease from Quartz
Lung Disease from Silica
Lung Disease from Smoking
Lung Disease Occupational
Lung Disease Popcorn Worker
Lung Effusion
Lung Embolism
Lung Empyema
Lung Foreign Body
Lung Infection
Lung Infection Bacterial
Lung Infection Chlamydia
Lung Infection CMV
Lung Infection Cryptococcus
Lung Infection Cytomegalovirus
Lung Infection Fungal
Lung Infection Haemophilus
Lung Infection Klebsiella
Lung Infection Moraxella
Lung Infection Pneumococcus
Lung Infection Pneumocystis
Lung Infection Streptococcus
Lung Infection Viral
Lung Mesothelioma
Lung Problems
Lung Rupture due to Injury
Lung Sarcoidosis
Lupus Arthritis
Lupus Discoid
Lupus Drug Induced
Lupus due to a Drug
Lupus Erythematosus
Lupus Medication Induced
Lupus of the Skin
Lupus Rash
Lyme Disease
Lymph Gland Cancer
Lymph Gland Infection
Lymph Gland Infection in the Neck
Lymph Gland Infection Under the Arm
Lymph Gland Swelling
Lymph Gland Swelling (groin)
Lymph Gland Swelling (localized)
Lymph Gland Swelling (neck)
Lymph Gland Swelling in the Groin
Lymph Gland Swelling Under the Arm
Lymph Node Cancer
Lymph Node Infection
Lymph Node Infection in the Neck
Lymph Node Swelling
Lymph Node Swelling (groin)
Lymph Node Swelling (localized)
Lymph Node Swelling (neck)
Lymph Node Swelling in the Groin
Lymph Node Swelling Under the Arm
Lymphadenitis Axillary
Lymphadenitis Groin
Lymphadenitis in the Neck
Lymphadenitis Inguinal
Lymphadenitis Mesenteric
Lymphadenitis Neck
Lymphadenopathy (groin)
Lymphadenopathy (localized)
Lymphadenopathy (neck)
Lymphadenopathy Axillary
Lymphocytic Leukemia Acute
Lymphocytic Leukemia Chronic
Lymphocytic Thyroiditis
Lymphogranuloma Venereum
Lymphoma Brain
Lymphoma Burkitt
Lymphoma Cerebral
Lymphoma Cutaneous T Cell
Lymphoma Hodgkin's
Lymphoma Non-Hodgkin
Lymphoma of the Brain
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