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Fabry's Disease
Face Abrasion
Face Burn
Face Flushing
Face Fungus
Face Injury
Face Numbness (both sides)
Face Numbness (one side)
Face Numbness (unilateral)
Face Pain
Face Redness
Face Scrape
Face Swelling
Face Swelling due to an Allergy
Face Tenderness
Face Tingling (both sides)
Face Tingling (one side)
Face Weakness
Facial Abrasion
Facial Animal Bite
Facial Bruise
Facial Burn
Facial Cat Bite
Facial Cellulitis
Facial Contusion
Facial Cut
Facial Dog Bite
Facial Flushing
Facial Fracture
Facial Human Bite
Facial Injury
Facial Laceration
Facial Numbness (bilateral)
Facial Numbness (both sides)
Facial Numbness (one side)
Facial Numbness (unilateral)
Facial Pain
Facial Pain after Injury
Facial Palsy
Facial Puncture Wound
Facial Redness
Facial Rodent Bite
Facial Scrape
Facial Swelling
Facial Swelling due to an Allergy
Facial Tenderness
Facial Tinea
Facial Tingling (both sides)
Facial Tingling (one side)
Facial Weakness
Factor 10 Deficiency
Factor 12 Deficiency
Factor 2 Deficiency
Factor 5 Deficiency
Factor 7 Deficiency
Factor 8 Deficiency
Factor 9 Deficiency
Failing Heart
Failure to Thrive
Fainting due to Heat
Fainting Vasovagal
Fallen Uterus
Fallen Vagina
Fallopian Tube Abscess
False Labor
Familial Adenomatous Polyposis
Familial Mediterranean Fever
Familial Tremor
Fanconi's Syndrome
Farmer's Lung
Farting Constantly
Fasciitis Necrotizing
Fascitis Plantar
Fast Heart Rate
Fat Embolism
Fat Necrosis of the Breast
Fatigue Syndrome Chronic
Fear of Heights
Fear of Open Spaces
Fear of Social Situations
Febrile Seizure
Fecal Impaction
Fecal Soiling
Feeding Problems Infant
Feeling Tired
Feeling Weak
Feet Cellulitis
Feet Numbness
Feet Swelling
Feet Tingling (both sides)
Felty's Syndrome
Female Genital Laceration
Female Genital Sore
Female Pelvic Infection
Female Urethral Syndrome
Female VD
Femoral Hernia
Femoral Neck Fracture
Femoral Neuropathy
Femoral Shaft Fracture
Femur Fracture
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Fever (over 100.4 degrees f)
Fever (over 38 degrees c)
Fever Adolescent
Fever Adult
Fever Blisters
Fever Dengue
Fever in Adolescents
Fever in Adults
Fever in Children
Fever in Infants
Fever Marburg Hemorrhagic
Fever Newborn
Fever Rat Bite
Fever Relapsing
Fever Rheumatic
Fever Rift Valley
Fever Seizure
Fibrillation Atrial
Fibrillation of the Atria
Fibroadenoma of the Breast
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
Fibroid Uterus
Fibromyoma of the Uterus
Fibrosing Rheumatoid Alveolitis
Fibrous Dysplasia
Fibular Fracture
Fifth Cranial Nerve Neuritis
Fifths Disease
Finger Abrasion
Finger Amputation
Finger Bruise
Finger Cellulitis
Finger Contusion
Finger Cut
Finger Dislocation
Finger Fracture
Finger Human Bite
Finger Injury
Finger is Out of Joint
Finger Laceration
Finger Pain
Finger Pain after Injury
Finger Scrape
Finger Sprains
Finger Tenderness
Finger Tenosynovitis
Fingernail Avulsion
Fingernail Bruise
Fingernail Disorder
Fingernail Fungus
Fingernail Hematoma
Fingernail Infection
Fingernail Ingrown
Fingernail Injury
Fingernail Pain after Injury
Fingernail Problems
Fingernail Psoriasis
Fingertip Amputations
Fingertip Herpetic Whitlow
Fingertip Infection
Fingertip Infection Bacterial
Fingertip Infection Viral
Fire Ant Bites
Fire Coral Sting
First Degree Burn
First Degree Heart Block
Fish Poisoning
Fish Skin Disease
Fish Stings
Fish Tapeworm
Fish-Meal Workers Lung
Fissure Anus
Fissure of the Anus
Fissure of the Rectum
Fissure Rectum
Fistula in the Anus
Fistula in the Rectum
Flaky Scalp
Flank Pain
Flank Tenderness
Flash Burns
Flesh Eating Bacteria
Floppy Infant Syndrome
Fluid Around the Brain
Fluid Inside the Chest
Fluid Loss
Flushed Face
Flushing Syndrome
Flutter Atrial
Fluttering of the Atria
Focal Seizures
Folate Deficiency
Folded Eyelid
Folic Acid Deficiency
Food Allergies
Food Intolerance Reactions
Food Poisoning
Food Reactions
Foot Abrasion
Foot Animal Bite
Foot Blister
Foot Bruise
Foot Bunion
Foot Burn
Foot Callus
Foot Cat Bite
Foot Cellulitis
Foot Contusion
Foot Corn
Foot Cut
Foot Dog Bite
Foot Drop
Foot Fracture
Foot Friction Blister
Foot Fungus
Foot Infection due to Diabetes
Foot Injury
Foot Laceration
Foot Neuroma
Foot Numbness (both feet)
Foot Numbness due to Alcohol
Foot Numbness due to Diabetes
Foot Pain
Foot Pain (heel)
Foot Pain (sole)
Foot Pain after Injury
Foot Pain due to Diabetes
Foot Problem due to Diabetes
Foot Problems due to Diabetes
Foot Puncture Wound
Foot Rodent Bite
Foot Scrape
Foot Sprain
Foot Stress Fracture
Foot Swelling (bilateral)
Foot Swelling (both feet)
Foot Swelling (one foot)
Foot Swelling (unilateral)
Foot Tenderness
Foot Tingling (both sides)
Foot Ulcer due to Diabetes
Foot Wart
Foot Weakness
Foot Wound
Foramen Ovale is Open
Forearm Fracture
Forearm Injury
Foreign Body Cornea
Foreign Body Esophagus
Foreign Body Eye
Foreign Body in Anus
Foreign Body in Rectum
Foreign Body in the Anal Canal
Foreign Body in the Ear
Foreign Body in the Eye
Foreign Body in the Nose
Foreign Body in the Rectum
Foreign Body Inhaled
Foreign Body Lung
Foreign Body on the Cornea
Foreign Body Skin
Foreign Body Stomach
Foreign Body Swallowed
Foreign Body Tracheal
Foreign Body Vagina
Foreign Object in the Vagina
Foreskin Infection
Foreskin Tight Around Penis
Foreskin Tight Over Penis
Fournier Gangrene
Fractured Ankle
Fractured Arm
Fractured Breastbone
Fractured Calcaneus
Fractured Clavicle
Fractured Coccyx
Fractured Collar Bone
Fractured Elbow
Fractured Face
Fractured Femoral Neck
Fractured Femur
Fractured Fibula
Fractured Finger
Fractured Foot
Fractured Forearm
Fractured Hand
Fractured Heel Bone
Fractured Hip
Fractured Humerus
Fractured Jaw
Fractured Knee
Fractured Kneecap
Fractured Leg
Fractured Mandible
Fractured Nasal Bone
Fractured Neck
Fractured Nose
Fractured Orbit
Fractured Patella
Fractured Pelvis
Fractured Penis
Fractured Radius
Fractured Rib
Fractured Sacrum
Fractured Shin Bone
Fractured Shoulder
Fractured Skull
Fractured Spine
Fractured Sternum
Fractured Tailbone
Fractured Thighbone
Fractured Tibia
Fractured Toe
Fractured Tooth
Fractured Ulna
Fractured Upper Arm
Fractured Vertebra
Fractured Wrist
Fragile X Syndrome
Frequent Bruising
Frequent Urination
Friction Blister
Friedreich's Ataxia
Frontal Dementia
Frostbite and Frostnip
Frozen Shoulder
Full and Painful Bladder
Full Thickness Burn
Fungal Esophagitis
Fungal Face Infection
Fungal Foot Infection
Fungal Groin Infection
Fungal Infection (groin)
Fungal Infection in the Mouth
Fungal Infection of the Beard
Fungal Infection of the Esophagus
Fungal Infection of the Face
Fungal Lung Infection
Fungal Nail Infection
Fungal Pneumonia
Fungal Rash
Fungal Scalp Infection
Fungal Skin Rash
Fungal Vaginitis
Fungal Yeast Infection
Fungus in the Lungs
Fungus in Vagina
Fungus on the Nails
Fungus Ringworm
Fungus Scalp
Fussiness in Infants
Fussiness in Newborns
Fussy Infant
Fussy Newborn
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