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B12 Anemia
B12 Deficiency
B12 Deficient Anemia
Baby Blues
Baby Breath-Holding
Baby Colic
Baby is Breech
Baby Jaundice
Baby Measles
Baby Teething
Baby Tooth Avulsion
Baby Tooth Knocked Out
Back Abrasion
Back Burn
Back Cat Bite
Back Cut
Back Dog Bite
Back Injury
Back Laceration
Back Osteoarthritis
Back Pain
Back Pain after Injury
Back Pain after Lifting
Back Pain Chronic
Back Pain with Radiculopathy
Back Puncture Wound
Back Scrape
Back Sprain
Back Sprain Chronic
Back Stiffness
Back Strain
Back Strain Chronic
Back Tenderness
Backache after Injury
Bacterial Blepharitis
Bacterial Conjunctivitis
Bacterial Dysentery
Bacterial Encephalitis
Bacterial Endocarditis
Bacterial Enteritis
Bacterial Eye Infection
Bacterial Gastroenteritis
Bacterial Gastroenteritis Salmonella
Bacterial Infection of a Joint
Bacterial Infection of the Epididymis
Bacterial Infection of the Skin
Bacterial Infection of the Vagina
Bacterial Lung Infection
Bacterial Lymphangitis
Bacterial Meningitis
Bacterial Peritonitis
Bacterial Pharyngitis
Bacterial Pneumonia
Bacterial Pneumonia Haemophilus
Bacterial Pneumonia Klebsiella
Bacterial Pneumonia Moraxella
Bacterial Pneumonia Pneumococcus
Bacterial Pneumonia Staphylococcus
Bacterial Skin Infection
Bacterial Skin Infection Erysipelas
Bacterial Skin Infection Impetigo
Bacterial Throat Infection
Bacterial Vaginitis
Bad Abdominal Pain
Bad Belly Ache
Bad Breath
Bad Heart Valve
Bad Stomach Ache
Bad Stomach Pain
Bad Tummy Ache
Baker's Cyst
Balance Problem
Barely Breathing
Barotitis Media
Barrett's Esophagus
Barrett's Ulcers
Bartholin's Abscess
Bartholin's Cyst
Bartholin's Gland Abscess
Bartholin's Gland Cyst
Bartholin's Gland Infection
Bartter's Syndrome
Basal Cell Cancer
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Basal Cell Skin Cancer
Baseball Finger
Basilar Atelectasis
Basilar Migraine
Basilar Skull Fracture
Bassen-Kornzweig Syndrome
Bb Gun Wounds
Bed Wetting
Bedbug Bites
Bee Allergy
Bee Sting
Bee Sting Allergy
Bee, Wasp or Hornet Stings
Beef Tapeworm
Behcet's Syndrome
Bell's Palsy
Belly Ache
Belly Button Bulge
Belly Button Hernia
Belly Injury
Belly Pain
Belly Pain in Children
Belly Tenderness
Benign Breast Cyst
Benign Breast Cyst in Males
Benign Breast Disease
Benign Breast Disease in Males
Benign Breast Tumor
Benign Breast Tumor in Males
Benign Chondroma
Benign Essential Blepharospasm
Benign Essential Tremor Syndrome
Benign Headache
Benign Pituitary Tumor
Benign Positional Vertigo
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
Benign Tension Headache
Benign Tremor
Benign Vertigo
Bernard-Soulier Syndrome
Berry Aneurysm in the Brain
Beta Thalassemia
Bibasilar Atelectasis
Bicep Tendinitis
Biceps Femoris Strain
Big Spleen
Bile Duct Cancer
Bile Duct Infection
Bile Duct Obstruction
Biliary Atresia
Biliary Cirrhosis
Biliary Colic
Biliary Tract Disease
Binge and Purge
Binging with Purging
Bipolar Disorder
Bird Flu
Bird Handlers Disease
Birth Defects due to Alcohol
Birthmark Port Wine
Bite Cat
Bite Dog
Bite from a Black Widow Spider
Bite from a Brown Recluse
Bite from a Cat
Bite from a Dog
Bite from a Human
Bite from a Rodent
Bite from a Snake
Bite from a Spider
Bite from an Animal
Bite from an Animal with Rabies
Bite from an Ant
Bite Human
Bite Insect
Bite Rodent
Bitten by a Black Widow Spider
Bitten by a Brown Recluse
Bitten by a Cat
Bitten by a Cat (abdomen)
Bitten by a Cat (chest)
Bitten by a Cat (foot)
Bitten by a Cat (hand)
Bitten by a Cat (leg)
Bitten by a Cat (neck)
Bitten by a Dog
Bitten by a Dog (arm)
Bitten by a Dog (buttock)
Bitten by a Dog (face)
Bitten by a Dog (foot)
Bitten by a Dog (hand)
Bitten by a Dog (leg)
Bitten by a Dog (neck)
Bitten by a Dog (scalp)
Bitten by a Dog (trunk)
Bitten by a Human
Bitten by a Human (arm)
Bitten by a Human (face)
Bitten by a Human (genital)
Bitten by a Human (hand)
Bitten by a Human (leg)
Bitten by a Rodent
Bitten by a Rodent (arm)
Bitten by a Rodent (face)
Bitten by a Rodent (foot)
Bitten by a Rodent (hand)
Bitten by a Rodent (leg)
Bitten by a Scorpion
Bitten by a Snake
Bitten by a Spider
Bitten by a Tarantula
Bitten by a Tick
Bitten by an Animal
Bitten by an Animal (buttock)
Bitten by an Animal (face)
Bitten by an Animal (foot)
Bitten by an Animal (hand)
Bitten by an Animal (leg)
Bitten by an Animal (neck)
Bitten by an Animal (scalp)
Bitten by an Animal (trunk)
Bitten by an Animal with Rabies
Bitten by an Insect
Bitten by Animal (arm)
Bitten by Ants
Bitten by Cat (arm)
Bitten by Cat (buttock)
Bitten by Cat (face)
Bitten by Cat (trunk)
Bitten by Coral Snake
Bitten by Fire Ants
Bitten by Rattlesnake
Black Eye
Black Hairy Tongue
Black Lung Disease
Black Mold Lung Disease
Black Plague
Black Stool
Black Tarry Stools
Black Tongue
Black Widow Spider Bite
Blacked Out
Blacking Out
Bladder Cancer
Bladder Cancer Transitional Cell
Bladder Carcinoma
Bladder Incontinence
Bladder Infection
Bladder Infection in Children
Bladder Injury
Bladder Retention
Bladder Stone
Bleach Inhalation
Bleeding after Dental Surgery
Bleeding Anus
Bleeding Artery in the Brain
Bleeding Conjunctiva
Bleeding Disorder
Bleeding Disorder Platelet
Bleeding Easily
Bleeding Esophagus
Bleeding from Anticoagulant
Bleeding from Blood Thinner
Bleeding from Esophageal Veins
Bleeding from the Esophagus
Bleeding from the Gums
Bleeding from the Intestines
Bleeding from the Nose
Bleeding from the Stomach
Bleeding from the Vagina after Menopause
Bleeding from the Vagina Child
Bleeding from the Vagina in Pregnancy
Bleeding from the Vagina Infant
Bleeding from Veins in the Esophagus
Bleeding Gastrointestinal
Bleeding Gingiva
Bleeding Gums
Bleeding in a Joint
Bleeding in the Brain
Bleeding in the Vitreous
Bleeding in the White of the Eye
Bleeding Inside the Chest Wall
Bleeding Intestines
Bleeding Nose
Bleeding Outside the Lung
Bleeding Problem
Bleeding Rectum
Bleeding Stomach
Bleeding Surgical Wound
Bleeding Under the Skull
Blemishes to the Skin
Blepharitis Infectious
Blister on the Hand
Bloating and Excess Gas
Blockage of the Biliary Tract
Blockage of the Central Retinal Vein
Blockage of the Retinal Vein
Blocked Arteries
Blocked Artery
Blocked Bile Duct
Blocked Bowels
Blocked Central Retinal Artery
Blocked Colon
Blocked Coronary Artery
Blocked Heart Artery
Blocked Intestine
Blocked Kidney Artery
Blocked Large Intestine
Blocked Retinal Artery
Blocked Small Intestine
Blocked Tear Duct
Blood Chemical Imbalance
Blood Clot Arm
Blood Clot Kidney
Blood Clot Leg
Blood Clot Lung
Blood Clot Pelvis
Blood Clots in the Urine
Blood Clotting Disorder
Blood Clotting Problem
Blood Count is Low
Blood Disease
Blood Electrolyte Imbalance
Blood Electrolyte Problem
Blood Exposure
Blood Flukes
Blood in a Joint
Blood in the Semen
Blood in the Stool
Blood in the Urine
Blood in the White of the Eye
Blood in Vomit
Blood Poisoning
Blood Pressure Decreased
Blood Pressure Drops with Standing
Blood Pressure Elevated
Blood Pressure is High
Blood Pressure is Low
Blood Sugar Decreased
Blood Sugar Decreased due to Insulin
Blood Sugar Elevated
Blood Thinner Medication Bleeding
Blood Under the Fingernail
Blood Under the Nail
Blood Under the Toenail
Bloody Bowel Movement
Bloody Cough
Bloody Ejaculation
Bloody Nose
Bloody Semen
Bloody Sputum
Bloody Stool
Bloody Urine
Bloody Vomit
Blowout Fracture of the Orbit
Blue Diaper Syndrome
Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision due to Diabetes
Blurry Vision
Blurry Vision due to Diabetes
Blurry Vision Farsightedness
Blurry Vision Nearsightedness
Bodechtel-Guttmann Disease
Body Aches
Body Fluid Exposure
Body Lice
Body Salt Imbalance
Body Swelling
Body Temperature Decreased
Boerhaave Syndrome
Boil Armpit
Bolivian Hemorrhagic Fever
Bone Cancer
Bone Cyst
Bone Deformity Paget's Disease
Bone Disease
Bone Fracture Pathologic
Bone Infection
Bone Marrow Disease
Bone Pain
Bone Tenderness
Bone Tumor
Bone Weakness
Borderline Diabetes
Borderline Personality Disorder
Bourneville's Disease
Boutonneuse Fever
Bowed Legs Paget's Disease
Bowel Disease Ischemic
Bowel Infarction
Bowel Ischemia
Bowel Movements are Black
Bowel Movements Watery
Bowel Obstruction
Bowel Perforation
Bowel Polyps
Bowel Rupture
Bowen's Disease
BP Checkup
Brain Abscess
Brain Aneurysm
Brain Aneurysm Rupture
Brain Arteriovenous Malformation
Brain Attack
Brain AVM
Brain Bruise
Brain Cancer
Brain Contusion
Brain Disease
Brain Encephalitis
Brain Hemorrhage
Brain Injury
Brain Lymphoma
Brain Stroke
Brain Swelling due to High Altitude
Brain Tumor
Brain Tumors Vascular
Braxton Hicks
Braxton Hicks Contractions
Brazilian Hemorrhagic Fever
Breakthrough Bleeding
Breast Abscess
Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer in Males
Breast Cyst Benign
Breast Cyst Benign Male
Breast Discharge in Infants
Breast Discharge Milky
Breast Disease
Breast Disease Benign
Breast Disease Benign Male
Breast Disease Cystic
Breast Disease Fibrocystic
Breast Drainage Milky
Breast Duct Ectasia
Breast Engorgement
Breast Enlargement in Males
Breast Fat Necrosis
Breast Fibroadenoma
Breast Infection
Breast Lump
Breast Milk Duct Inflammation
Breast Pain
Breast Pain (post partum)
Breast Pain after Delivery
Breast Papilloma
Breast Swelling in Males
Breast Tenderness
Breast Tumor Benign
Breast Tumor Benign Male
Breastbone Fracture
Breath Holding Spell
Breath Odor
Breathing Causes Chest Pain
Breathing Difficulties in a Child
Breathing Difficulties in Children
Breathing Difficulty
Breathing Difficulty in a Child
Breathing Difficulty in Children
Breathing Difficulty on Exertion
Breathing Faster Than Usual
Breathing More Rapidly Than Usual
Breathing Too Fast
Breech Baby
Breech Delivery
Breech Position
Bright Light Sensitivity
Brittle Bones
Brittle Nails
Broca's Aphasia
Broken Ankle
Broken Arm
Broken Back
Broken Breastbone
Broken Clavicle
Broken Coccyx
Broken Collarbone
Broken Elbow
Broken Eye Socket
Broken Face
Broken Femur
Broken Finger
Broken Foot
Broken Hand
Broken Hip
Broken Humerus
Broken Jaw
Broken Knee
Broken Leg
Broken Mandible
Broken Neck
Broken Nose
Broken Patella
Broken Pelvis
Broken Rib
Broken Sacrum
Broken Shin Bone
Broken Shoulder
Broken Skull
Broken Sternum
Broken Tailbone
Broken Thigh Bone
Broken Tibia
Broken Toe
Broken Tooth
Broken Upper Arm
Broken Wrist
Bronchial Adenocarcinoma
Bronchial Asthma
Bronchial Cancer
Bronchial Infection
Bronchial Pneumonia
Bronchial Tube Infection
Bronchial Tube Infection Chronic
Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma
Bronchitis Chronic
Bronchoalveolar Carcinoma of the Lung
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
Brown Recluse Spider Bite
Brown Urine
Bruise Easily
Bruise to Skin
Bruised Abdomen
Bruised Ankle
Bruised Brain
Bruised Calf
Bruised Chest
Bruised Coccyx
Bruised Elbow
Bruised Eye
Bruised Face
Bruised Finger
Bruised Foot
Bruised Hand
Bruised Head
Bruised Heart
Bruised Hip
Bruised Jaw
Bruised Kidney
Bruised Knee
Bruised Leg
Bruised Lung
Bruised Nose
Bruised Rib
Bruised Scalp
Bruised Shoulder
Bruised Spleen
Bruised Tailbone
Bruised Testicle
Bruised Thigh
Bruised Toe
Bruised Wrist
Bruising Easily
Bruising Frequently
Bruton Agammaglobulinemia
Bubonic Plague
Buccal Cyst
Budd-Chiari Syndrome
Buerger's Disease
Bug Bite
Bulge in the Abdominal Wall
Bulge in the Belly Button
Bulge in the Groin
Bulging Disk
Bulging Eyes
Bullet Wounds
Bullous Pemphigoid
Bump on the Skin
Bump Under the Skin
Bundle Branch Block Left
Bundle Branch Block Right
Burkitt Lymphoma
Burn First Degree
Burn from the Sun
Burn Hot Pepper
Burn of the Abdomen
Burn of the Arm
Burn of the Back
Burn of the Buttock
Burn of the Chest
Burn of the Face
Burn of the Foot
Burn of the Hand
Burn of the Leg
Burn of the Neck
Burn of the Scalp
Burn Second Degree
Burn Third Degree
Burn to the Scalp
Burned Abdomen
Burned Arm
Burned Back
Burned Buttock
Burned Chest
Burned Face
Burned Foot
Burned Hand
Burned Leg
Burned Neck
Burning During Urination
Burning Sensation of the Arms
Burning Sensation of the Extremities
Burning Sensation of the Legs
Burns Chemical
Burns due to Chemicals
Bursa Inflammation
Bursa Swelling
Bursitis Ankle
Bursitis Elbow
Bursitis Heel
Bursitis Hip
Bursitis Knee
Bursitis of the Elbow
Bursitis of the Heel
Bursitis of the Hip
Bursitis Shoulder
Bursitis Wrist
Burst Appendix
Burst Brain Aneurysm
Buttock Animal Bite
Buttock Burn
Buttock Cat Bite
Buttock Cut
Buttock Dog Bite
Buttock Laceration
Buttock Puncture Wound
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