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Shoulder Contusion Overview

What is a shoulder contusion?
A person with a shoulder contusion has a bruise near the shoulder joint. A contusion is a swollen collection of blood that forms when blood vessels are broken, due to an injury. The color of a bruise represents blood that leaked into the tissue beneath the skin. Mild injuries cause contusions in the tissues just beneath the skin; however, severe injuries can cause contusions in muscles or bone. The most common causes of shoulder contusions are falls and sports injuries.

What are the symptoms of a shoulder contusion?
Symptoms that may occur with a shoulder contusion include shoulder pain, swelling, tenderness or stiffness. The shoulder pain is usually worse with movement of the shoulder.

How does the doctor treat a shoulder contusion?
Treatment for a shoulder contusion may include rest, a sling, cold compresses, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

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