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Russell-Silver Syndrome Overview

What is Russell-Silver syndrome?
A person with Russell-Silver syndrome has a rare birth disorder where an infant has poor growth, low birth weight, short height, and a size difference between the two sides of the body.

What are the symptoms of Russell-Silver syndrome?
The symptoms of Russell-Silver syndrome include extremities that are different lengths, curvature of the pinky toward the ring finger, failure to thrive, GERD, delayed bone age, kidney problems, poor growth, stubby fingers and toes, low birth weight, esophageal swelling, and a wide forehead with a small triangle-shaped face and a small narrow chin. Other symptoms include growth retardation, fussy infant, and poor infant feeding.

How does the doctor treat Russell-Silver syndrome?
The treatment of Russell-Silver syndrome includes growth hormone replacement, making sure the person gets enough calories, physical therapy, and special education.

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