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Another name for Runny Nose Pus is Purulent Rhinitis.

What is purulent rhinitis?
A child with purulent rhinitis has pus draining from the nose. Purulent rhinitis may occur when the lining of the nose or sinuses become infected with bacteria or viruses.

What are the symptoms of purulent rhinitis?
Symptoms of purulent rhinitis include thick, yellow or brown mucus draining from the nose. Symptoms that may occur with purulent rhinitis include sinus congestion, sneezing, nosebleeds, sore throat, fever, ear pain, headache, facial pain, and difficulty breathing through the nose.

How does the doctor treat purulent rhinitis?
Treatment for purulent rhinitis depends on the underlying cause. Treatment for purulent rhinitis may include antibiotics, antihistamine medications, decongestant medications, or surgery.

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