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Rift Valley Fever Prevention

Prevention of Rift Valley fever includes:

  • Avoid areas where Rift Valley fever occurs.
  • Avoid mosquito bites:
    • Wear insect repellent clothing.
    • Use insect repellents that contain DEET.
    • Stay indoors at dusk.
    • Wear long sleeve shirts and pants, and a hat.
    • Check your skin and clothing for mosquitos after being outdoors.

Rift Valley Fever Mosquito Bites

Preventing Rift valley fever starts with preventing mosquito bites.

Guidelines to Prevent Mosquito Bites

  • Apply insect repellent to exposed skin.
  • Wear insect repellent clothing.
  • Apply DEET repellants to clothing.
  • Consider staying indoors at dawn, dusk, and in the early evening.
  • Install or repair window and door screens so that mosquitoes cannot get indoors.
  • Place mosquito netting over infant carriers when you are outdoors with infants.
  • Repellents may irritate the eyes and mouth, so avoid applying repellent to the hands of children.
  • Remove standing water: empty water from flowerpots, pet bowls, clogged rain gutters, swimming pool covers, etc.
  • When possible, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors.

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