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Rash Puritic Papular Overview

Another name for Rash Puritic Papular is Pruritic Papular Eruption.

What is pruritic papular eruption?
A person with pruritic papular eruption (PPE) has an itchy rash that occurs on the legs. The cause of pruritic papular eruption is unknown. PPE is most common in those with HIV infection.

What are the symptoms of pruritic papular eruption?
The most common symptom of pruritic papular eruption is an itchy rash on the legs that consists of small, red bumps on the skin.

How does the doctor treat pruritic papular eruption?
Treatment for pruritic papular eruption may include corticosteroid creams or lotions, oral corticosteroid medications, and oral antihistamines for itching.

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