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Rash Child Overview

Another name for Rash Child is Rashes in Children.

What are rashes in children?
A child with a rash has a change in the color or texture of the skin. A rash may be localized rash or a generalized rash. A localized rash is present on one area of the body. A generalized rash is present on several areas of the body. Common causes of rashes in adults include viral infections, contact dermatitis and poison ivy.

What are the symptoms of rashes in children?
Symptoms of rashes in children include white, red, purple, brown, raised, flat, moist, pale, peeling, dry, crusted or scaly skin. Additional symptoms of rashes in children include blisters, hives, skin lumps, skin swelling, skin ulcers, or pus draining from the skin.

How does the doctor treat rashes in children?
Treatment for rashes in children depends on the cause for the rash. General treatment for rashes in children may include medicated baths, skin moisturizers, corticosteroid creams, oral corticosteroids, antibiotics for infections, phototherapy, and antihistamine medications for itching.

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