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Another name for Rash All Over is Rash (generalized).

What is rash (generalized)?
A person with a rash (generalized) has a rash that is present on several areas of the body. A localized rash is present only on one area of the body. Common causes of generalized rash include viral infections or allergic reactions.

What are the symptoms of a rash (generalized)?
The skin may be white, red, purple, brown, raised, flat, moist, pale, peeling, dry, crusted or scaly. Additional symptoms of a generalized rash include blisters, hives, skin lumps, skin swelling, skin ulcers, or pus draining from the skin.

How does the doctor treat a rash (generalized)?
Treatment for a rash (generalized) depends on the cause for the rash. General treatment for a generalized rash may include skin moisturizers, corticosteroid creams, oral corticosteroids, antibiotics for infections, phototherapy, and antihistamine medications for itching.

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