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Prinzmetal's Angina Treatment

New or worsening Prinzmetal's angina requires urgent treatment. Treatment for Prinzmetal's angina includes medications to reduce the spasm in the arteries. In those who have coronary artery disease, additional treatment for Prinzmetal's angina may include angioplasty or coronary artery bypass surgery.

Initial treatment of Prinzmetal's angina in the emergency department includes:

Key steps in the treatment for Prinzmetal's angina include:

The long-term treatment of Prinzmetal's angina may include:

Angina SeverityTreatment Options
Stable / mild or moderateControl of cardiac risk factors; drug therapy
Unstable / mild to moderateHospitalization; control of cardiac risk factors; drug therapy
Unstable / severe symptomsDrug treatment; angioplasty; coronary artery bypass grafting

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