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Placenta Previa Overview

What is placenta previa?
In a pregnant woman with placenta previa, the placenta covers the opening between the uterus and the birth canal. Placenta previa is a serious cause of vaginal bleeding after the 24th week of pregnancy. The exact cause for placenta previa is unknown, but injuries to the uterus may play a role. Placenta previa occurs in about 1 out of every 250 births.

What are the symptoms of placenta previa?
Symptoms of placenta previa include abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. Symptoms most commonly occur between the 27th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy.

How does the doctor treat placenta previa?
Treatment for placenta previa includes bedrest and medications to prevent preterm labor. At term, the baby is delivered by Cesarean section.

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Authors: Stephen J. Schueler, MD; John H. Beckett, MD; D. Scott Gettings, MD
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