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Pharyngitis Overview

What is pharyngitis?
A person with pharyngitis has inflammation of the throat. In most cases, pharyngitis is caused by a viral infection or a bacterial infection. The most common viral cause of pharyngitis is an upper respiratory infection. The most common bacterial cause of pharyngitis is streptococcal tonsillitis. Less commonly, pharyngitis can be caused by a fungal infection (Candida), when it is referred to as thrush.

What are the symptoms of pharyngitis?
Symptoms of pharyngitis include a sore throat, red throat, throat swelling, white patches on the throat, and pus on the tonsils. Additional symptoms of pharyngitis include difficulty swallowing, fatigue, fever, and swollen lymph glands in the neck.

How does the doctor treat pharyngitis?
Treatment for pharyngitis includes rest, plenty of fluids, antibiotics, nonprescription sore throat medicine, warm saltwater gargles, and acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain and fever.

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