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Pediculosis Treatment

Treatment for lice depends on the location of the infestation. Treatment for lice often includes insecticide shampoo, insecticide cream, or oral medications. Clothes and bedding must be washed in hot water every day. Reinfestation is a common problem.

Treatment for lice includes:

  • Washing clothes and bedding in hot water every day
  • Combs, brushes, and headbands should not be shared.
  • Insecticide shampoo
  • Insecticide cream
    • Topical agents should be applied to clothing, especially the seams.
  • Oral medications

Nonprescription insecticide shampoos:

Prescription insecticide shampoos:

Insecticide creams:
  • Mercuric oxide:
    • Used for lice on the eyelashes
  • Malathion (Ovide lotion)

Oral insecticide medication:

Pediculosis Specialist

Physicians from the following specialties evaluate and treat lice:

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