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Painful Splint Overview

Another name for Painful Splint is Cast and Splint Problems.

What are cast and splint problems?
A person with a cast or splint problem has pain, numbness or weakness in the limb beneath the cast or splint. Symptoms are usually caused by a cast or splint that is too tight, but may also be caused by damage or breakdown of the cast or splint. One of the more serious complications from an overly tight arm cast is cutting off blood flow to the hand and fingers.

What are the symptoms of cast and splint problems?
Symptoms of cast and splint problems vary with the location of the cast and include arm pain, hand pain, finger pain, foot pain, and toe pain. Other symptoms include hand numbness, foot numbness, hand swelling and foot swelling.

How does the doctor treat cast and splint problems?
Treatment for cast and splint problems may include removal or replacement of the cast or splint.

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