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Pain in the Vagina Overview

Another name for Pain in the Vagina is Vaginal Pain.

What is vaginal pain?
A woman with vaginal pain has pain or discomfort in the labia, vagina or clitoris. Common causes of vaginal pain include Bartholin's cyst, genital sores, vaginitis, and venereal disease. Almost all women suffer from vaginal pain at some point during their lives.

What are the symptoms of vaginal pain?
Symptoms of vaginal pain include genital pain, genital redness, genital sores, genital blisters, vaginal itching, vaginal redness vaginal discharge, and pain during intercourse.

How does the doctor treat vaginal pain?
The treatment for vaginal pain depends on the cause. General treatment for vaginal pain may include lidocaine ointment and oral medications, such as carbamazepine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, or narcotic pain medications.

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