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Pain in the Tailbone Overview

Another name for Pain in the Tailbone is Coccyx Pain.

What is coccyx pain?
A person with coccyx pain has discomfort near the tailbone. Coccyx pain may be caused by inflammation, infection or injury. Common causes of coccyx pain include coccyx contusion, coccyx fracture, and pilonidal abscess.

What are the symptoms of coccyx pain?
Common symptoms include coccyx pain that worsens when sitting. Other symptoms include tenderness, swelling, bruising, or redness over the tailbone.

How does the doctor treat coccyx pain?
Treatment for coccyx pain depends on underlying cause. Injuries can be treated includes rest, cold compresses, and pain medications. A doughnut shaped pillow can help take stress off the coccyx when sitting. Localized infections may be treated with warm compresses and antibiotics.

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