Stephen J. Schueler, M.D.

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Pain in the Hands (both hands) Anatomy

To better understand hand pain (bilateral), it helps to understand the anatomy of the hand.

The anatomy of the hand includes:

  • Bones:
    • Phalanges or finger bones (14)
    • Metacarpal bones:
    • Articulate with the phalanges (5)
    • Carpal bones:
    • Articulate with the wrist (8)
  • Blood vessels
  • Nerves:
    • Carry information to and from the brain
  • Ligaments:
    • Strong bands that hold the joints together
  • Tendons:
    • Strong bands that attach muscles to bones.
    • When a muscle tightens, the tendon pulls on a bone causing an area to move.
  • Muscles:
    • Cause movement by pulling on tendons.
  • Skin and nails

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