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Occlusion of the Central Retinal Artery Treatment

Central retinal artery occlusion requires emergent treatment and an evaluation by an ophthalmologist. The goal of treatment is to restore blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to the retina. In some cases, gentle massage of the eyeball may dislodge a clot and restore blood flow. Treatment includes medications that lower the pressure inside the eye, which reduces pressure against the central retinal artery. Breathing a mixture of oxygen and carbon dioxide may help to dilate the artery, and deliver more oxygen to the retina. Additional treatment may include hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which also increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the retina.

Treatment for central retinal artery occlusion may include:

Occlusion of the Central Retinal Artery Questions For Doctor

The following are some important questions to ask before and after the treatment of central retinal artery occlusion.

Questions to ask before treatment:

  • What are my treatment options?
    • Is surgery an option for me?
  • What are the risks associated with treatment?
  • Do I need to stay in the hospital?
    • How long will I be in the hospital?
  • What are the complications I should watch for?
  • How long will I be on medication?
  • What are the potential side effects of my medication?
  • Does my medication interact with nonprescription medicines or supplements?
  • Should I take my medication with food?

Questions to ask after treatment:
  • Do I need to change my diet?
  • Are there any medications or supplements I should avoid?
  • When can I resume my normal activities?
  • When can I return to work?
  • Do I need a special exercise program?
  • What else can I do to reduce my risk for having this problem again?
  • How often will I need to see my doctor for checkups?
  • What local support and other resources are available?

Occlusion of the Central Retinal Artery Specialist

Physicians from the following specialties evaluate and treat central retinal artery occlusion:

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