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Object in the Nose Overview

Another name for Object in the Nose is Nose Foreign Body.

What is a nose foreign body?
A person with a nose foreign body has an object lodged in the nose. A nasal foreign body that is not removed can lead to a bacterial infection, such as sinusitis. Nasal foreign bodies are most common in children. Common nasal foreign bodies include erasers, beads, candy, and small toys.

What are the symptoms of a nose foreign body?
Symptoms that occur with a nose foreign body may include nasal congestion and a nasal discharge that may be green, yellow, or bloody. Additional symptoms of a nose foreign body include fever, facial pain, facial swelling, nasal swelling, nasal tenderness, and nosebleeds.

How does the doctor treat a nose foreign body?
Treatment for a nose foreign body includes decongestant nasal spray, topic nasal anesthetic, and removal of the foreign object from the nose. Additional treatment for a nose foreign body may require an antibiotic if the nasal passages have become infected.

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