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Nose Injury Overview

What is a nose injury?
A person with a nose injury has damage to a structure in the nose, caused by an injury. A nasal injury may involve a facial contusion, facial fracture, nosebleed, or nasal bone fracture. Common causes of nose injuries include sports injuries and altercations.

What are the symptoms of a nose injury?
Symptoms of a nose injury include facial bruise, nosebleed, facial pain, facial swelling, facial tenderness, a deformed nose, and inability to breathe normally through the nose.

How does the doctor treat a nose injury?
Treatment for a nose injury may include wound care, wound cleansing, facial wound repair, cold compresses, tetanus vaccine, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain, and narcotic pain medication. Additional treatment for a nose injury may include surgery to realign a nasal bone fracture.

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