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Murmur Overview

Another name for Murmur is Heart Murmurs.

What are heart murmurs?
A person with a heart murmur has an extra sound made by the heart during each heartbeat. Heart sounds and heart murmurs are caused by the flow of blood through the heart. A heart murmur is identified by listening to the heart with a stethoscope. Heart murmurs may be normal, or may be caused by heart disease.

What are the symptoms of heart murmurs?
A person with a heart murmur usually has no symptoms. Symptoms that may occur with heart murmurs include chest pain, faintness, fainting, dizziness, palpitations, leg swelling, weakness, fatigue, and shortness of breath during exertion.

How does the doctor treat heart murmurs?
The treatment for a heart murmur depends on the underlying cause of the murmur. Treatment for a heart murmur may include medications to improve heart pumping or heart rate, blood thinners, and heart valve surgery.

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