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Long QT Syndrome Overview

What is long QT syndrome?
A person with long QT syndrome has a delay in the electrical impulse that travels through the heart. Normally, an electrical impulse stimulates the muscle fibers in the heart to contract. The impulse spreads through the heart in a very organized manner, allowing the heart to pump blood effectively. The delay in the electrical impulse caused by long QT syndrome can result in life-threatening, abnormal electrical impulses. Long QT syndrome may be inherited, or caused by a medication side effect.

What are the symptoms of long QT syndrome?
About one third of those with long QT syndrome do not develop symptoms. Symptoms of long QT syndrome may include palpitations and fainting.

How does the doctor treat long QT syndrome?
Long QT syndrome has the potential to cause an abnormal heart rhythm that results in sudden death. Treatment for long QT syndrome may include cardiac monitoring, beta-blockers, and an implantable cardiac defibrillator.

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