Stephen J. Schueler, M.D.


Leg Human Bite Overview

Another name for Leg Human Bite is Human Bite of the Leg.

How serious is a human bite to the leg?
A person with a human bite may have an abrasion, a laceration, or deep puncture wound to the skin. Some human bites result in loss of tissue. Human bites frequently cause skin infections, such as cellulitis and lymphangitis.

What are the symptoms of a human bite to the leg?
Symptoms of a human bite include pain, bleeding, tenderness, swelling, a laceration, a puncture wound, and loss of tissue. Human bites may result in symptoms of cellulitis, which include fever, skin redness, skin swelling, and skin tenderness around the bite.

How does the doctor treat a human bite to the leg?
Treatment for human bites may include wound irrigation and cleansing, antibiotics, tetanus vaccine, and surgery.

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