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Left Side Pain Overview

What is left side pain?
A person with left side pain has left-sided abdominal pain. Most cases of left side pain can be further divided into left upper abdominal pain and left lower abdominal pain. Pain that occurs equally in both the left upper abdomen and left lower abdomen (but not on the right side of the abdomen) is unusual. Most patients will have left sided pain that is worse in the upper or lower abdomen.

What is left lower abdominal pain?
A person with left lower abdominal pain has discomfort in the left, lower part of the abdomen, below the umbilicus. Common causes of left lower abdominal pain in adults include constipation, diverticulitis, hernia, irritable bowel syndrome, and kidney stones.

What is left upper abdominal pain?
A person with left upper abdominal pain has discomfort in the left, upper part of the abdomen. This includes abdominal pain that is in the left part of the abdomen, under the ribcage. Common causes of left upper abdominal pain include gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, kidney infection, or an injury to the spleen.

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