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Knee Fracture Pathologic Overview

Another name for Knee Fracture Pathologic is Pathologic Knee Fracture.

What is a pathologic knee fracture?
A person with a pathologic fracture has broken a bone that has been weakened by another illness, such as osteoporosis or bone tumors. A person with a pathologic knee fracture has a broken bone in the knee.

What are the symptoms of a pathologic knee fracture?
Symptoms of a pathologic knee fracture include knee pain, knee swelling, knee tenderness, and a deformed knee. Additional symptoms of a pathologic knee fracture include difficulty walking, limping, or the inability to walk.

How does the doctor treat a pathologic knee fracture?
Treatment for a pathologic knee fracture may include a splint or cast, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain, narcotic pain medication, and surgery to repair the fractured bone.

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