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Klinefelter's Syndrome Overview

What is Klinefelter's syndrome?
A male with Klinefelter's syndrome has an inherited illness that prevents sexual maturity and results in infertility. The infant with Klinefelter's syndrome is born with an extra X sex chromosome. About 1 out of 750 males in the US are born with Klinefelter's syndrome. Life expectancy is normal, and treatment can stimulate sexual development.

What are the symptoms of Klinefelter's syndrome?
Symptoms of Klinefelter's syndrome do not occur until adolescence, when sexual maturity starts. Symptoms of Klinefelter's syndrome include small penis, small testicles, scant pubic hair, large breasts, long legs, short torso, and tall height.

How does the doctor treat Klinefelter's syndrome?
There is no cure for Klinefelter's syndrome. Treatment for Klinefelter's syndrome may include hormone therapy.

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