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Inflammation of the Milk Ducts Evaluation

The evaluation of mammary duct ectasia begins with a history and physical examination.

Physical findings of mammary duct ectasia may include:

  • A lump noted by a woman during self-examination
  • A lump noted by a doctor during examination
  • Breast dimpling
  • Nipple discharge

Even though about 80% of breast lumps are non-cancerous, lumps should be evaluated to be sure a cancer is not present. Tests are required to confirm the diagnosis of mammary duct ectasia and exclude breast cancer.

Tests that may be used to evaluate mammary duct ectasia include:

Inflammation of the Milk Ducts Biopsy

A breast biopsy collects tissue from the breast, in order to look for abnormal breast cells in women with mammary duct ectasia.

Examples of breast biopsy:

Inflammation of the Milk Ducts Mammography

Mammography is an imaging study that is used to evaluate women with mammary duct ectasia.

Examples of mammography:

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