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Infection of the Tip of the Penis Overview

Another name for Infection of the Tip of the Penis is Balanitis.

What is balanitis?
A male with balanitis has inflammation of the head of the penis, usually caused by a fungal infection or bacterial infection. Balanitis is more common in males that have not been circumcised.

What are the symptoms of balanitis?
Common symptoms of balanitis include redness and tenderness to the head of the penis, sticky coating over the head of the penis, difficulty urinating, and inability to pull back the foreskin.

How does the doctor treat balanitis?
Treatment for balanitis varies with the infecting organism. Treatment may include antifungal ointment, antibacterial ointment, oral antibiotics, and topical corticosteroids. General care includes cleansing the penis several times a day.

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