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Iliotibial Band Syndrome Overview

What is iliotibial band syndrome?
A person with iliotibial band syndrome has inflammation of the tendon located over the outer portion of the thigh, which causes thigh pain and knee pain. Iliotibial band syndrome occurs most commonly in long distance runners. Symptoms respond well to rest and anti-inflammatory medication.

What are the symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome?
Symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome include knee pain along the outer, upper aspect of the knee. Additional symptoms of iliotibial band syndrome include thigh pain along the outer aspect of the thigh. The knee or thigh pain that worsens with walking, climbing, or running.

How does the doctor treat iliotibial band syndrome?
Treatment for iliotibial band syndrome may include rest, crutches, cold compresses, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Some may benefit from oral corticosteroids or corticosteroid injections.

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