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Hereditary Thrombasthenia Overview

Another name for Hereditary Thrombasthenia is Thrombasthenia.

What is thrombasthenia?
A person with thrombasthenia has a rare blood platelet disorder, which is present at birth, that results in easy bruising and nosebleeds.

What are the symptoms of thrombasthenia?
The symptoms of thrombasthenia include abnormal menstrual periods, bleeding during and after a surgical procedure, bleeding gums, easy bruising, epistaxis, and prolonged bleeding after small injuries.

How does the doctor treat thrombasthenia?
There is no specific treatment for thrombasthenia. Treatment is directed at controlling bleeding complications, such as iron deficiency anemia. Platelet transfusion can be given to people who are having severe bleeding. Other treatment approaches include the administration of recombinant factor VIIa.

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